Philippines deserves to skate!

 We at Rolyosk8shop aims to provide Filipinos with quality skates, gears, and accessories to help make your skating experience wonderful. Whether you’re looking for new wheels, laces to match your boots, or a skate upgrade, we gotchu! We sell items from well-known brands here in our shop.

 We also noticed that there is a lack of good quality entry-level roller skates in the country right now, so we’re here to provide options for Filipinos to choose good quality beginner skates—because safety first! Beginner skates should not be made of flimsy, cheap material because they could easily break, or they might not be able to properly support your ankles. This could possibly lead to an accident and injury. We know that although accidents happen, choosing the right skates and the right gear for you would help avoid injuries that could be prevented.

 Our team is consisted of roller skaters and inline skaters who understand the itsy-bitsy details of the skates, parts, and gears that could help you improve your skating. If you have any questions—whether you’re a complete beginner who wants to get into skating, or an experienced skater who wants to know more about the skates and gears we sell— please don’t hesitate to message us and ask any question from our team. 

Rolyo tayo!